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Siding Installation
Install any Length Siding Alone!

Siding Tools to Save on Labor
Siding installation is a one-man job with SideArm, as it supports siding with perfect placement while you nail.

Siding Tools to Save on Time
Install cement lap board siding faster - take on bigger jobs and get them done faster. The SideArm is never late for work.

Siding Tools to Save on Materials
The SideArm Siding Tool eliminates the need for break-off clips. Invest in only a few SideArm Siding Tools and save hundreds on every job.

Siding Tools: Read more about saving time and money with the SideArm.

How to Use Cement Board Siding Tools
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Siding installation tools provide contractors and home builders with improved siding placement and faster work flow. The SideArm siding tool provides hands-free and one-man siding installation. Maintain perfect siding gage from the bottom of the lap edge every time. For the fastest siding installation work flow, get three SideArm tools and work your way up and along the building exterior. With no clips to break off, no waste, and no consumables, the SideArm delivers perfectly level siding.

The key to fast, quality installation lies in the SideArm's gage off the bottom of the previous row of siding. As each row of siding goes on, it is kept in perfect alignment and gage with the previous row. Even short sections of composite siding can be aligned perfectly using a pair of SideArm tools - reducing your waste material and saving you money. If you are short handed or working alone, the SideArm siding tool is your efficient partner, holding the cement board siding in place with perfect position while you nail it on. For long lengths of siding, a SideArm tool at each end and one in the middle prevents sag keeps your installation perfect up the wall.

If you are installing siding from ladders or on scaffolding, the SideArm improves safety by holding the siding in place and keeping you in balance. For the siding tool that saves you time, materials and labor, get the SideArm: your helping hand for cement board siding.

SideArm: your helping hand for cement board siding.

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